Jason Rife

Sales Associate, Boys Events

  • Hometown: Amherst, MA
  • Alma Mater: UMass
  • Walkout Song: Bulls on Parade/ Rage Against the Machine OR Shook Ones/Mobb Deep-Depends on the walkout
  • Pregame Meal: Manicotti with the proper sauce
  • Superstition: Right foot shoe tied first
  • Sports Team: Bruins, Pats, Sox, and Celts
  • Favorite Athlete: Muhammed Ali
  • Jersey Number: 14
  • Sports Holy Site: Boston Garden- 42.3662 N. 71.0621 W
  • Nickname: Everyone thinks my last name is the nickname so I just went with it
  • Best Advice: Wisdom is better then silver and gold
  • Best Cheesesteak: Pats w/ wit wiz

EMAIL: jason.rife@nxtsports.com