Parent Registration

There are a few ways to complete your waiver! Waivers are good for one full year. This means that you will not be asked to sign a waiver through the next tournament season.

Click on the link that you were sent from your coach. Remember, if you have a PlayerFirst Account through your club or other tournament such as Hogan, Robinson, NXT or 3d you will use that PlayerFirst login, otherwise you will need to create a PlayerFirst account.

Your coach may have sent you the following link. If so, follow the below steps.

 Search by first and last name

1 - Click on the athlete’s name
2 - Complete the waiver
3 - If the athlete's name is not found, there are two reasons:
            3.1 - Your coach does not have you on the roster.
            3.2 - Reach out to your coach.
4 - You have completed the waiver.

To check if you have a waiver completed, log into your Player First account by clicking HERE and click ATHLETE and here you will see the waivers that are completed.

1 - Log into your Player First Account by clicking HERE.
2- From your dashboard select ATHLETE.
3- Click on Complete Waiver.