The World of Strength, Conditioning, Mental Toughness, + more with La Salle College High School’s Certified Strength & Conditioning coach, Jeremy Butt

Jeremy Butt, otherwise known as JB, takes us through the importance of his world
– the universe of strength, condition, food, sleep, hydration, and much more. From “embracingthe suck” to team fitness center competitions and more JB explains how strength, conditioning, and wellness matter to today’s high-level teams and players.

Youth Sports Hot Topics
1:15: Introducing JB. 2 Stories for Parents, Coaches, and Players
2:30: Story 1: “Coach, because it’s not that, embracing the suck. We play too much”!
8:36: Story 2: “Last Man Standing”: Finding disciplined and mentally tough players through a team weight room “don’t quit” challenge.

Questions & Answers
14:40: From Canada to the USA, to Wyndmoor, PA. A journey of kinesiology.
18:10: Strength and Conditioning (S & C). What does that even mean?
19:45: S & C is different for different sports, right? Not really.
21:18: What sport works hardest in the weight room?
22:45: (S & C) and Nutrition.
24:10: (S & C) and Recovery (sleep).
25:45: (S & C)and RSI (overuse).
27:30: Finding the “Goldilocks Zone.”
29:10: Free Play. The death of “Sandlot” and “Shinny”: The lost art of creativity and problem-solving.
33:30: How does a club lacrosse coach focus in S&C?
35:10: S&C: Elementary, Middle School, & High School versions.
37:35: Technique matters! So do errors.
38:38: There is a mentality to the weight room! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. “Embracing the suck.”
41:35: Rock and Roll: The music of the weight room! Playlists go old school.
43:00: Lacrosse dad, I wonder, “Do the kids play too much”?
46:32: S&C Education. How does someone enter this field?
50:00: Rapid Fire NXT Homework

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