Taylor’s Ten – 2022 Nike Girls Philly Showcase

Taylor’s Ten

The Nike Girls Philly Showcase Camp is a unique and exciting experience that allows girls to play alongside other elite athletes from all over the United States. At the same time they’re getting recruiting exposure while playing at one of the top venues on the East Coast, United Sports in Downingtown PA. This event brought in approximately 100 players from 13 different states.

The Showcase featured athletes from the 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026 graduation years. Players competed to be one of forty selected to the all-star team. All recipients received Nike hoodies, and All-Star’s brought home an additional Nike crew neck and an STX shaft. This year’s showcase MVP brought home a custom pair of Nike Blazers, and the Queen of the Crease left with a custom Nike sweatshirt and long sleeve and a new STX bag.

Featured below are the ten girls who stood out above the rest to World Games MVP, three-time Tewaaraton Trophy winner, and Nike Girls Philly Showcase Camp Co-Director, Taylor Cummings. 

Madden Alexander (D) 2024
Collegium Charter School | NXT LC

If a ball hit the ground on Sunday, Madden Alexander was the one to get it. Alexander is a standout defender who showcased her near magnetic stick to scoop up every ground ball. High-pressure situations never fazed her as she remained cool under every intense situation. After the way she played at the Showcase, it’s no wonder she earned a spot on Taylor’s Ten list.

Marissa Kamin (D) 2025
Penncrest  | Delco LC

Marissa Kamin is another defender who stood out big at the Showcase. In lacrosse the basics are everything, and Kamin has them perfected. She is a defender who is able to see the bigger picture, seeing slides very well and knowing exactly how to time them. It is exactly this solid level of play that stood out to Taylor.

Haley Mario (M) 2025
Amity Regional HS  | DEWLAX

The moment Haley Mario stepped on the field she gave it her all, and she never let up. Mario is a true middie who spent her Sunday making impact plays on both sides of the thirties. She executes the little things well; whether it be ground balls, cuts, or riding, she does it all, which is what Taylor loved most about her game. Big things to come for Haley Mario.

Alexa Conte (A) 2024
Downingtown East  | 

As expected, Alexa Conte balled out and was able to catch the eye of Taylor Cummings. Conte was super shifty east to west, looking to make plays and find the back of the net. She showcased her ability to lead the offensive tempo and be a playmaker, creating space and moving ball quickly. When the ball is going the other direction, Conte rode hard all the way to the opposite restraining line. Sunday was a great day for Alexa Conte.

Audrey Hurleman (M) 2025
Wyomissing Area HS  | NXT LC

Audrey Hurlemen had no trouble at all catching the eye of Taylor Cummings with her strong performance in the midfield. Hurleman excelled at the draw all day with her ability to place the ball on the draw while being very versatile in the same stance. On top of her draw skills, she was slippery in the eight and displayed great stickwork. It’s no wonder Hurleman found herself a spot on Taylor’s Ten.

Sophie Jones (G) 2023
Morris Knolls  | Maddog 

Sophie Jones was a force to be reckoned with on Sunday. Bringing her A-game, Jones was able to walk away with two new titles, Queen of the Crease and One of Taylor’s Ten. Jones came in hot with quick hands and decisiveness. It was her ability to make smart decisions on clears that really caught Taylor’s eye. Lights out across the board, Jones is a solid goalie who will thrive at the next level.

Autumn Blair (M) 2025
Downingtown West  | NXT LC

Autumn Blair, the Downingtown local, came to play Sunday and walked away One of Taylor’s Ten and Showcase MVP. Every time she stepped into the game she made an impact on the field, which is exactly what Taylor loved most about her game. Blair is a versatile player who has a high lacrosse IQ and is able to make smart decisions. Autumn Blair has a bright future ahead of her.

Amelia Divalerio (M) 2026
Marple Newtown  | Delco LC

To receive praise on the draw from Maryland’s all-time draw control leader is no small feat. This is exactly what Amelia Divalerio has done, earning great remarks from Taylor Cummings’ herself. Divalerio dominated the draw all day with her deadly one-handed snags out of the air, self draws, and circle work. Excited for what the future holds for freshman Amelia Divalerio.

Meghan McDonald (A) 2024
Hershey HS  | Xtreme

Meghan McDonald is exactly the type of attacker every coach wants on their team. McDonald wowed Taylor with her ability to make those around her better. She worked to feed efficiently from behind the cage and constantly kept her head up looking for the open girl. Meghan McDonald had an impressive day at the Showcase Sunday.

Kate Zambito (M) 2025
Cranford HS  | DEWLAX

Communication is key, and Kate Zambito was second to none in this area at the Showcase Sunday. Zambito displayed unrelenting defense, holding down the eight and the ability to maintain high pressure on offenders farther from the cage. Her strong performance defensively easily secured her a spot on Taylor’s Ten. Big things to come for Kate Zambito.

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