Talking Resiliency, Recruiting, Zone Defense & D3 Lacrosse with Ursinus College Head Coach Corey Shaffer

Today’s guest, Corey Shaffer, is the head coach at Ursinus College. His journey has taken him from deep family lacrosse roots to youth lacrosse La Salle College High School, and then to the D3 level as a player and coach. Coach Shaffer’s Youth Sports Hot Topics are spot on regarding the club scene, building culture, and the challenges of zone defense. Coach Shaffer shares insights into the value of setbacks, the view of a goalie, finding a home in D3 lacrosse, and the season outlook for the Ursinus College Bears.
Youth Sports Hot Topics:
20: Introduction: Coach Shaffer’s Resume
3:10: For parents: When to join the club lacrosse scene?
7:50: For players: Building the Ursinus culture – player led.
11:45: For coaches: Zone Defense – Legit or not at club and on.
Questions & Answers
18:40: Little guy lacrosse, upbringing in the extended Resch lacrosse family.
20:40: How the game looks different as a goalie and from “X.” Plus, goalie tryouts.
22:30: La Salle Lacrosse memories. Not all positive, but resilient. Even goalies do GB drills.
26:12: McDaniel College experience. The value of standing on the sideline.
28:35: Entering into coaching. How? From athletic training to the club to college. Devine lacrosse
Providence. Managing egos.
31:50: Collegiate coaching influences and running one’s own show at Ursinus.
35:21: Finding a home in D3 lacrosse. Differences between D1 and D3 and the value of being a
38:14: Ursinus College 2023 season outlook – transition year, goals, and challenge welcomed.
38:40: Recruiting at Ursinus and the D3 scene. Lots of Philly guys and NE corridor.
39:45: The value of working at NXT with younger goalies. Covid Therapy.
41:55: Rapid Fire NXT Homework

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