Reflections from Philly Faceoff League with John Bodnar

On this show, our special guest John Bodnar joins us to talk and learn more about the faceoff position.John is a teacher, coach, and the founder of the Philly Faceoff League. Here are some notes to help you enjoy this episode!

Youth Sports Hot Topic:

Managing Commitments, High School vs. Club

Getting to Know You:

-From Madison, NJ to Cabrini University, with a special thanks to Coach Steve Colfer

-A dedicated educator with more than a decade of special ed teaching experience

-Coaching under Andy Hayes at Episcopal Academy

-The story and start of the Philly Face-off League, 11:00

-PFL Alums who are currently dominating the NCAAs, 15:00

-Partnering with friend Mike Dolente to gather and train the Philly area, and now training youth, middle school and high school athletes

-The mindset of a face-off midfielder, 19:00

-Talking more about the high school programs like Haverford School, Malvern Prep, Springfield, La Salle and more, 23:00

-Love for the unique and personal role as a face-off coach and mentor for many, 26:00

-Top traits of face-off guys, 32:30

-Reviewing the face-off rule changes 35:20

Homework, 37:00
For Coaches:

Do more to incorporate face-offs into your practice

For Players:
Go be the most well-rounded lacrosse player you can

For Parents:
Find somebody to help you plan ahead and don’t burn your kids out

More on PFL:

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