Playing Multiple Sports and Mastering the Defensive Midfield Position with Patrick Resch of the PLL Chaos

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Patrick walks listeners through his lacrosse journey as a homegrown Philly native. He touches on the importance of playing multiple sports, communicating on the field, being apart of teams with strong cultures, and overcoming setbacks on the way to being one of the best defensive midfielders in the PLL.

Youth Sports Hot Topics
6:20: For Parents
8:08: For Coaches
13:50: For Players

Questions & Answers
17:45: Patrick’s lacrosse story starts in Flourtown, Pa
19:50: Mentors – Players Patrick looked up to as a young athlete
21:05: La Salle Lacrosse experience memories. Dominate teams and the birth of D Midfield
24:22: Being Coached by your dad – a fine line for both. Pretty special.
25:45: The Recruiting Process to Dartmouth. An excellent fit for both
28:45: Lacrosse transitions points. Getting on the field at Dartmouth.
30:25: Freak accident, setback, injury, and resilience.
32:05: An extra year at Duke, Coach D, and the challenges of ACC lacrosse.
35:40: The long journey and commitment to making a career last in the MLL and the PLL.
39:45: The team identity of the PLL Chaos. Aggressive? Box? A behind-the-scenes look.
42:55: USA Sixes. A shot at the unexpected!
46:33: Rapid Fire NXT Homework

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