NXT LC, Phila Stars, and Phila Box Alumni Dancing This May

This May, 21 NXT LC Alumni, six Phila Stars, and one NXT Box alumni will be playing for their respective colleges among all 3 divisions of the 2022 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament. Out of the 21 NXT LC players, 10 are Division I and 11 are Division III.

Many NXT Alumni will be playing against each other in this tournament. After helping his team to a 20-8 win over Robert Morris in the opening round, Tate Wasson (NXT 2019, Delaware) will face James Reilly (NXT 2018, Georgetown) and Tommy Sopko (NXT 2017, Georgetown) in the first round of the tournament on May 15.

Adam Ritter (NXT 2018, Saint Josephs) and Colin Zyck (NXT 2021, Saint Joesphs) will play Bryce De Muth (NXT 2018, Yale) in the first round of playoffs on May 14.

Payton Hollway (NXT 2018, NXT Box, UPenn), Gab Furey (NXT 2019, UPenn), and Cam Fiore (NXT 2018, Brown) will also be playing on May 14 for their schools, while Colby Smith (NXT 2017, Ohio State) will take the field on May 15.

In the Division 3 bracket, Matt Logan (NXT 2018, Stevens) helped Stevens to a 16-8 win over SUNY Maritime, and will move on to play against Cole Shwartz (NXT 2020, Dickinson). Ben Tishgart (NXT 2020, Phila Stars 2020, Colorado College) and his team take on Bowdoin.

Ian McAnally (NXT 2019, Gettysburg) will match up with Cole Hiller (NXT 2019, Phila Stars, Roanoke) and Logan O’Sullivan (NXT 2020) in the Gettysburg vs Roanoke game, while Jack Gerzabeck (NXT 2021, Phila Stars 2021, Phila A’s, Cabrini) and Drew Brown (NXT 2019, Cabrini) face Taylor Witherell (NXT 2017, Washington & Lee) in Cabrini vs Wash. & Lee. With all these games happening on May 14, there will be plenty of great matchups that we encourage our players to watch!

Division I

NXT 2018- Cam Fiore (#31, Goalie)

NXT 2019- Tate Wasson (#26, Defense)

NXT 2018- James Reilly (#33, FO)
NXT 2017- Tommy Sopko (#30, Attack/Midfield)

Saint Josephs
NXT 2018- Adam Ritter (#40, Midfield)
NXT 2021- Colin Zyck (#23, Attack)

NXT 2018- Bryce De Muth (#35, Defense)

NXT 2018/NXT Box- Payton Hollway (#10, Midfield)
NXT 2019- Gabe Furey (#9, Midfield)

Ohio State
NXT 2017- Colby Smith (#4, Attack)


Stars 2020/Roughriders- Luke Grayum (#14, Attack)

Phila Stars 2019/Freedom- Kyle Gucwa (#6, Attack)

Phila Stars 2020/Freedom- Nick Redd (#47, Defense)

Saint Josephs
Phila Stars 2020/Roughriders- David Shew (#61, Attack)
Phila Stars 2021/Freedom- Owen Mehok (#24, Attack)

Division III

*Players who played for both NXT LC and Phila Stars

NXT 2021/NXT Box*- Jack Gerzabeck (#39, LSM/Defense)

Colorado College
NXT 2020*- Ben Tishgart (#66, FO)

NXT 2020- Cole Schwartz (#29, Defense)

NXT 2019- Ian McAnally (#18, LSM)

NXT 2019/NXT Box- Cole Hiller (#15, Goalie)
NXT 2020- Logan O’Sullivan (#21, Defense)

NXT 2018- Matt Logan (#11, Defense)

Washington & Lee 
NXT 2017- Taylor Witherell (#31, Attack)

Phila Stars 2019/NXT LC- Jake Waltz (#19, Midfield)
Phila Stars 2021/Team 11- Connor Albrecht (#10, Attack)

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