Hot Takes on the Club Lacrosse Scene with USA Lacrosse Hall of Famer Danielle Gallagher of Liberty Lacrosse

Danielle Gallagher is a household name in the women’s lacrosse world. After a highly decorated playing career, she became a club leader and remains a force to reckon with.  A highly experienced coach, mentor and business owner, Danielle takes us for a spin around the girls club lacrosse scene and shares her passion and perspective along the way.


Youth Sports Hot Topics


The business of youth sports

The positive effects of social media on lacrosse


Show Breakdown

13: Danielle’s Bio

2:14 Welcome Danielle

3:00  Danielle shares her background and experiences as a multi-sport athlete

4:30  Burnout

9:30  Danielle’s Colorado days and carving out her own path in the industry

11:30  Danielle made her way back to “the island” and founded Liberty Lacrosse

12:30  The girls lacrosse club scene takes off in the early 2000’s

15:30  Running a club is actually running a business

17:15  Danielle’s assessment of the current club landscape and her predictions for the future

19:30 What are  “Mini Pro Athletes”?

21:00  Competition between clubs & capitalism

24:24  Making the most of your club experience: “Club jumpers” don’t win in the end

26:40  Why are youth sidelines more toxic than high school sidelines?

35:25  The positive effects of social media on lacrosse


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41:17 How playing on the B team can make you a pro

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