Can-Am Showcase Faceoff Factory Standouts

The Faceoff Factory joined the boys at the Can-Am Showcase to work with and evaluate some of the top faceoff athletes in the Midwest. Cole Emmanuel, former Marquette University standout, was joined by Nick Rowlett, a recent Michigan graduate and former Philly Showcase King of the X participant.

The two trained and evaluated the face-off athletes all day long. Below you will find the players that stood out to the Faceoff Factory crew.

Faceoff Factory Player Standouts

Ryan Hall | 2026

The youngest FOGO at the event stole the eyes of many with his impressive ground ball play. He made it to the King Of the X championship because he consistently found creative ways to win ground balls, whether that was off the clamp or going straight for counters. Ryan has a gift for creating ground ball opportunities for himself and proved that to his teammates throughout the day.

Michael Tauscher | 2026

Although he did not significantly separate himself during the day, he came to play in the King of the X challenge. Michael was versatile, quick, and knew when to diversify his exits. On top of that, Michael was very consistent off of the ground regardless of clamp-outcome which signifies his competitiveness. His creativeness allowed him to succeed in all parts of the FO game. Whether Michael won or lost the clamp, he always had a counter move in his arsenal which displays his knowledge of the face off.

Josh Pope | 2024

Josh was one of the more dominant FOGOS at the event. His size allowed him to not only win draws but push transition as well. His quick hand speed was well shown as he battled against every top competitor in this competition. Josh is extremely athletic, and for a FOGO, his stick skills were second to none. Additionally, he was not afraid to use his wings when it came down to it. Josh found ways to win faceoffs, whether it was to himself, his wings, or his teammates. Josh not only faced off extremely well but made his wings look good in the process. He is definitely a 2024 to keep on the radar.

Jackson Edwards | 2023

The All-Star Jackson Edwards proved to his teammates that he was one of the most versatile FOGOS at the event. By constantly mixing up his moves, he was able to stay on top of his competitors. Jackson had a skillset that many young FOGOS do not, confidence, whether clamping, raking, or countering when necessary. He was great off of the ground all day and even better at handling on-ball pressure while moving it to his teammates. His man-ball presence was never outmatched, as he was consistently boxing out opponents and creating opportunities for his teammates. He was very coachable, asked questions, and continued to improve throughout the entirety of the day.

Connor Staheli 

Connor was ranked as the #1 faceoff player at the CAN-AM showcase by both Faceoff Factory coaches in attendance. He is a strong and athletic player who isn’t afraid of being physical during or after the faceoff. He earned his spot in the All-Star game by showing consistency dominating the clamp all day. Connor transfers his weight over the ball very well, meaning he isn’t relying only on hand speed and has an advantage in tie up situations. He also showed to be extremely comfortable with defensive exits, safely gaining possession for his team all day.

Simon Hall 

Simon was ranked as the #3 faceoff player going into the King of the X tournament. He has college level hand speed, backed up by a technique that is ingrained in his muscle memory. He showed confidence while dominating most of his matchups throughout the day and was able to diversify his exits unlike other players his age. He also reacted to rakes well and showed high IQ by choosing the correct locations to exit against different counters.

Broc Fitzpatrick 

Broc was ranked as the #4 faceoff player going into the King of the X tournament. He caught the eyes of the coaches early by dominating the first round of live reps with his high-level technical knowledge and consistent clamp. He has as much potential as any high-level college prospect and was by far the most coachable player there. Broc also consistently showed good sportsmanship throughout the day and asked very technical questions.


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