Boys Philly Summer Showcase Faceoff Factory Standouts

The Faceoff Factory was on hand at the Boys Philly Summer Showcase to work with and evaluate some of the top faceoff prospects in the nation. Michael Santos, Director of College Recruiting for the Faceoff Factory was joined by Kyle Prouty, a recent Johns Hopkins graduate and former Philly Showcase King of the X winner.

The two trained and evaluated the face-off athletes all day long. Below you will find the individual point leader, the faceoff tournament winners, as well as the players that stood out to the Faceoff Factory crew.

Point Leaders

  • #34 Vince Gaylord (12 Points)
  • #31 Jack O’Neill (12 Points)
  • #35 Jack Cooper (11 Points)

Final Three

  • #12 Graham Ray
  • #34 Vince Gaylord
  • #35 Jack Cooper

(Winner: Vince Gaylord, 5-0 sweep)

Players Standouts

Below are players that stood out to the Faceoff Factory team throughout the day.

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Vince Gaylord | 2025
Christian Brothers Academy (NY), Orange Crush

The youngest face-off guy at the event stole the show and was nearly untouchable the entire day. It started in the Faceoff Factory Challenge where he won the point competition, and swept the king of the hill 5-0. The damage was not done there. He continued on to face-off at about a 90% clip throughout the entire day. With a linebacker-type body, Gaylord was able to dominate his opponents both on hand speed and strength. Be on the lookout for this future 25, because this kid’s got it.

Jack Cooper | 2024
East Hampton (NY), LI Sting

The Long Island native continues to dominate this summer. He continued this week by showing that he was way more than just a FOGO. Very rarely losing, he would hunt down every single loose ball and get it going back his way. Cooper did not make the All-Star game but was definitely one of the more impressive guys the entire day.

Tate Kuster | 2023
Williston Northhampton (MA), 3D NE South

Kuster was an All-Star game selection and was flat-out dominant the entire day. Using an array of different exits, Kuster was seamlessly untouchable. Kuster was able to net a few goals and dish out some pretty assists.

Graham Ray | 2023
The Middlesex School (MA), Edge

The big man did not make the All-Star game but was absolutely stellar all day. Was one of my favorite face-off guys the entire day, demonstrating that he was much more than a face-off guy. His offensive abilities showed when in transition. Ray was more than comfortable staying on and playing defense as well.

Alex Chambers | 2023
Marple Newtown HS (PA), NXT

Chambers was not at the morning session but was quick to step on the scene. A very dominant power clamper, Chambers was able to out muscle a lot of his opponents all day. He looked particularly good in the All-Star game, where he showcased both his offensive and defensive play. Be on the lookout for Chambers the rest of this summer.

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