Being a Sports Parent, Practice Planning & Villanova Lacrosse with Head Coach Mike Corrado

This episode features Mike Corrado, longtime Head Coach of Villanova Men’s Lacrosse. While the guys definitely talk a lot about the Wildcats, we learn about Mike as a teacher, a Twenty-Two year Naval Officer, and how he sees things as a parent of a young athlete who loves multiple sports.

Here are some notes to help you enjoy this episode!

Youth Sports Hot Topics
For Parents, 3:00

We need more guidance – there’s a lot out there to navigate, it can be overwhelming

For Players, 7:10
Focus on the fundamentals of lacrosse. Even at the college level, the focus is on passing and catching

For Coaches, 12:30
Have 3-4 goals for your practice, with a plan that helps your team get there. Sample practice plan to maximize time

Getting to Know You

-From Baseball to Lacrosse at Islip High School

-Playing for Randy Marks at Villanova, going on to coach with him

-22 years of service in the Navy and Reserves

-Juggling a teaching career while being a part-time coach at ‘Nova

-Working with Jay Wright around campus

-The 2009 Wildcats were the first to make the NCAA tournament, the 2011 team also stands out with some remarkable players

-Some love for Cleveland State Head Coach Andy German, and current VU coaches Chris Miller, Simon O’Connor

-Playing in the CAA, and now the Big East Conference amongst Denver, Georgetown

-The level of play in the Philly area is among the best in the country

-More on Mike’s Masters Degree and career as an educator

Rapid Fire Homework, 35:05
For Coaches:
Get to know your players off the field, even at the youth level

For Parents:
Let your child own their athletic experience

For Players:

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