2023 Philly Showcase Manney’s Men


One of the nation’s top recruiting events saw another year of tremendous talent. Athletes from graduating classes 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027 put on a show at every level during our Philly Summer Showcase – All on display in front of an elite group of college coaches. A few players stood out among the crowd and caught the eye of our very own, Brett Manney. Here are Brett’s standout players from this year’s showcase!

Brett Manney is a 15-year professional lacrosse player, captain of the Albany Firewolves, and two-time captain for the USA National Indoor team, serving as the VP of Recruiting at NXT. He won two bronze medals with the USA National Indoor Team. He played on Delaware’s 2007 Final Four team, captained the 2008 team, made the North-South All-Star Game, and is the driving force behind Showcase Lacrosse’s nationally-known events. Manney sees players from all over the country at NXT events.

24 / 25 

Brooks Power, 2024, Cherry Creek (CO), 3d Colorado

One word to describe Power is creative. He is fearless attacking the net from all angles but really likes to attack it from behind. He loves getting to the middle of the field where he shows he can finish with a great hitch or a nice array of moves inside. His most impressive feat during the day was an off-ball slip to get open and finishing with an around the world which he made look easy. Hard to believe he is still on the board with his knack for finishing and fearless approach attacking the net.

Honorable Mention:
Luke Corrigan, 2025, Pomfret (MA), Fighting Clams
Shea Hogan, 2024, Christian Brothers (NY), Orange Crush
Owen Watts, 2025, Berkeley Prep (FL), FLC
Luis Gonzalez, 2024, Cape Fear (NC), Nationals
Michael Tauscher, 2025, FO, Saint Viator (IL), Second City


Tyler Pincelli, 2024, New Hampton School (VT), 2Way

This lefty from New England was all over the field at the showcase and it showed as he took home the coveted MVP honor. Pincelli can shoot it on the run, beat you off ball and is a great time and room shooter. His face dodge is his bread and butter selling defenders on it throughout the day. In addition to the face dodge, he also has a nice left to left split dodge, hesitation move, and always gets to his strong hand. His consistent play and playmaking ability is what made him shine above the rest.

Honorable Mention:
Jack Murphy, 2025, Don Bosco (NJ), Brotherhood
Andrew Rogers, 2024, Lowell (MI), Omnia
Evans Oliver, 2024, Mountain Brook (AL), 3d Georgia
Cameron Marks, 2024, W.T. Woodson (VA), Blackwolf


Ben Stone, 2025, Regis Jesuit (CO), 3d Colorado

Players from Colorado balled out at the showcase and Stone was no different for the defensemen group. He loves to get out on hands, throw hard checks and impose opposing players if they are not ready for him. He is most comfortable handling the ball in his stick and pushing it in transition despite not being an LSM. His added threat at picking up groundballs and igniting transition at will which is why he more than just a defensemen.

Honorable Mention:
Liam Flaherty, 2024, Brewster Academy (MA), 4 Leaf
George Hawley, 2024, Fairfield Prep (CT), Sting National
Reno Vorderlandwehr, 2025, Mill Creek (GA), 91 Georgia
Graeme Teal, 2025, Shaker (NY), Albany Power


Ethan Jaffe, 2025, Denver South (CO), Denver Elite

I have always been a fan of Jaffe’s game. He is very quick laterally moving especially from right to left. He wastes no time getting a quick outlet up the field to start a fast break and most importantly he always seems so poised in the net. Many goalies struggle with throwing outlets from their crease, but Jaffe excels at them and at times, leads his defenders so they run onto the ball. Once a 2024 and now a 2025 I expect Ethan to be a hot commodity this fall.

Honorable Mention:
Brady Myslinski, 2025, Clarence (NY), Sweetlax
Max Rosenberg, 2025, Pomfret (CT), Cavalry


26 / 27


Alex Cichella, 2026, Brunswick (CT), 2Way

Although Cichella was playing the 2026/2027 division he already looks like he could have made the All Star game in the older group. The big lefty stands at 6’2 and when he gets his feet set he unleashes a hammer of a shot which is hard for many young goalies to read. The MVP plays beyond his years when he dodges from the lower wing or x with his left hand and uses his size to his advantage leaning into defenders and punishing goalies. I think he has more potential as a passer and with a few more hitches to get top side or underneath he could really be a dangerous player moving forward.

Honorable Mention:
Logan Stevens, 2026, Bernards (NJ), STEPS
Caden Fitz, 2027, Christ the King (NC), Carolina Miners
Michael Zinone, 2026, Wando (SC), Sweetlax Carolina


Luke Valerio, 2026, Springfield Delco (PA), Dukes Elite

I love Valerio’s game. He was a past All Star at our Freshman Showcase in the fall and the lefty really is a throwback middie with a ton of potential. He can play defense, take face off wings, or be one of your initiators on offense. The young midfielder played a lot for Springfield this year as a freshman for a team which advanced to the state championship. As he continues to grow, develop his right hand, and work on his off ball game, the lefty will only continue to watch his stock rise.

Honorable Mention:
Benny Hurewitz, 2027, Don Bosco (NJ), Predators,
Liam Scott, 2026, Daniel Hand (CT), Express North


Jack Weber, 2026, Mepham (NY), Mooselax

I feel that if you are an opposing attackman playing against Weber, after a few runs at him you are paying the price. Weber is old school in that he plays hard, aggressive, and in your face defense. He is relentless playing the ball carrier, not afraid to get his nose dirty, and works very hard. When playing the ball he does a great job of cross checking and driving players to where they need to be. With some maturity on his balance and knowing when to go hard and when to save his energy Weber will turn into a complete stud.

Honorable Mention:
Preston Shuster, 2026, Tampa Jesuit (FL), FLC
Drew Pauly, 2026, General Brown (NY), Orange Crush
Chris Carew, 2026, Chaminade (NY), True Blue
Nolan Worgan, 2026, Rice Memorial (VT), 4 Leaf


Cody Philpott, 2026. Lawrence Academy (MA), Fighting Clams

The 2x All Star just has a knack for making plays. Philpott is very explosive attacking the ball up high and is mature in his decision making on getting the ball out of stick. What is uncommon is his ability to react quickly to shots especially behind the net to quickly back them up with pure hustle. The righty has a ton of potential on what I have seen the past year and has only gotten better every time he steps on the field.

Honorable Mention:
Nick Zenk, 2026, St. Anthony’s (NY), LI Express
Conor Reynolds, 2026, Fayetteville-Manlius (NY), True Upstate

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