2022 Winter Wellness Series presented by Greenepsych

Each Monday in February, NXT has been teaming up with Greenepsych to deliver talks on topics that relate to mental health and well-being as well as achieving performance related goals. To join us on this journey, we are extremely fortunate to have Mitch Greene, PhD, and Lauren Ruhl, LPC.

Dr. Mitch Greene is a licensed clinical and sport psychologist, with an expertise in generating tailor-made solutions to his clients’ problems. Dr. Greene works primarily with athletes pursuing high-performance goals, as well as coaches and athletic departments looking to educate their student-athletes on mental health and performance enhancement strategies. Dr. Greene has spoken nationally and internationally on topics related to building confidence, managing doubts, sports parenting, and building an elite performance culture. Dr. Greene received his Ph.D. from Temple University and is the owner of Greenepsych Clinical & Sport Psychology, located in Haverford, PA.

Lauren Ruhl, LPC, CSCS is a licensed professional counselor and sports psychology consultant. A former college athlete, Lauren found her career path in helping others after suffering a season-ending injury in college. Lauren works primarily with athletes around issues such as recovering from injury, perfectionism, performance anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, burnout, academic stress, and enhancing confidence. She provides individual and small group training for athletes, sport parents, teams, coaches, and health-care professionals (i.e., physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc) as well as working individually with clients, from elementary age to post-college age. Lauren supports athletes in learning not only the skills needed to be successful in sport, but also in life.

Milly Routledge is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling from Villanova, Milly is a Counseling Intern and Mental Health Advocate at Greenepsych. Milly is a student-athlete at Villanova and has first-hand experience of the mental and physical demands of high-level sport. At Villanova and at Greenepsych, she works to help provide better mental health support and resources for athletes, coaches and teams.

Below is a brief description of each topic as well as the recording of the actual session. This section will be updated throughout the Winter Wellness Series until all sessions are completed and all videos are posted.

February 7, 2022 – Why Does Lacrosse Make Me So Nervous?

The first session is titled: “Why Does Lacrosse Make Me So Nervous?” The discussion will be on why lacrosse players tend to get nervous in practice and game situations, and what strategies can help them overcome these nerves.

February 21, 2022 – “The Grind”

“The Grind: Positives and Negatives of High-Performance Training.” This presentation will look at the phase of training where practice takes a step up, when games are regularly occurring, and the athlete feels like they need to find a way to be mentally tough and gritty.


February 28th, 2022 – “Recognizing when Stress Turns Destructive.”

This presentation is focused on teaching about what stress is, how beneficial (or harmful) it can be, and how to notice and get help when it becomes too much for you to handle.