2022 Nike Girls Philly Showcase Camp Player Preview

Player Preview

Athletes from across the country will meet at United Sports this Sunday for the 2022 Nike Girls Philly Showcase. This is one of the most talented groups of athletes to attend the Showcase. College coaches from elite programs are committed to attending the Showcase, including 8-time conference coach of the year Mindy McCord (USF). In addition to a sideline filled with college coaches, World Games MVP, Taylor Cumming will serve as this year’s Nike Girls Philly Showcase Camp Co-Director!

Nike is the title sponsor of the event and will be providing an exclusive Showcase gear pack to each participant. All-stars will be treated to an additional gear pack.

Below are some players to keep an eye out for on Sunday.

Alexa Cote (M) 2024
Downingtown East | NXT LC

Alexa Cote is the textbook definition of a workhorse. When she is on the field, she is always going 110%. On the draw, Cote excels in tracking the ball and getting the first step. She uses her speed and power to handle bumps well to drive to the cage and finish. Cote is sure to bring her A-game to the Showcase.

Kayla Plotts (M) 2024
Mountain Lakes HS | CLC Pride

Defenders beware of Kayla Plotts. Plotts is a shifty midfielder who is sure to find the back of the net when the ball is in her stick. She has a good ability to read the field and spot small spaces to create big goals. Pair this with her footwork that easily shakes defenders and her knack of getting the ball exactly where it needs to go on the draw, Plotts is the complete midfielder. Keep your eyes out for Plotts shaking defenders this weekend.

Caroline Morris (M) 2024
Fieldston | Predators

There’s no getting a shot off with Caroline Morris as your defender. Morris is the complete midfielder, able to hold it down on defense, score on offense, and tear up the midfield. Interceptions are certainly not uncommon while Morris is holding down the eight. She plays great one v one defense and excels at bumping cutters. Excited to see Morris’ high level of play this weekend.

Nina Cianci (M) 2024
Garnet Valley | NXT

Beware of 5’3 Nina Cianci because when she gets into her defensive stance, you’d think she’s 6’3. Cianci is a midfielder who has extreme confidence when it comes to carrying the ball. It’s hard to tell whether she’s a lefty or a righty the way she so fluidly uses them interchangeably. Cianci is a vital part of any team’s transition game using her speed and stick skills. Nina Cianci is sure to tear up the transition game this weekend.

Watch Nina Cianci’s highlights here.

Gillian Greco (M) 2025
Bishop Shanahan | Phantastix 

Gillian Greco is the product of both a highly-ranked high school team and club team. Greco knows exactly how to bait her defenders to fall into her trap and execute on one v one opportunities. She has great ball-handling skills and shot placement which allows her to dish out assists or finish it herself.  Looking forward to seeing Gillian pepper the goalies at the Showcase.

Watch Gillian Greco’s highlights here.

Sienna Barry (D) 2024
West Genesee | Salt City Snipers

Sienna Barry is the product of a top-ranked club team, the Salt City Snipers. Barry is a fierce and strong defender who excels in driving attackers out of the eight. When Barry is on the field, it is very apparent that she’s ball-hungry, constantly pressuring ground balls and going for the ball off the line. Looking forward to seeing Barry hold down the eight all Showcase long.

Watch Sienna Barry’s highlights here.

Samantha Bruno (A) 2026
Cherry Hill West | Aim

 If you’re looking for a do it all attacker, Samantha Bruno is your girl. Bruno can read a defense well and capitalize on their mistakes. In transition, she rides hard, looking to create turnovers. Attacking the net, she has good footwork and knows exactly when to accelerate to shake the defense. Bruno is a selfless player who dishes out assists when the timing is right. Bruno is sure to be filling up the showcase all Showcase long.

Watch Samantha Bruno’s highlights here.