2022 Girls Atlantic Showcase Player Preview

Catlin Collins (M) 2024
Morristown | BBL Elite Black

When it comes to trying to stop Catlin Collins, there is no use. Collins ball-handling skills are second to none. She’s able to possess the ball and make quick dodges and fakes to get through a swarm of defenders. When she gets down on defense she’s able to lock it down and keep her girl from scoring. It’s no wonder Collins has found herself on both a top five ranked high school team and a top 25 ranked club team. Collins will surely thrive at the Showcase this Thursday.

Warm-up playlist songs:

  • Something That I Want – Grace Potter
  • L.A. LOVE – Fergie, YG
  • Over – Drake
  • Welcome to the Jungle – Guns and Roses
  • Run This Town – JAY-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West

Blythe Noyes (M) 2025
Pope | Eagle Stix Blue

Blythe Noyes is a hustler. She is a great shooter, but on top of that, she is selfless. Noyes constantly looks to back up balls, and create opportunities for her teammates by passing and picking. She is able to get off long balls, short passes, or anything in between with complete power and accuracy. Another member of a top-ranked club program, rising sophomore Blythe Noyes is sure to bring her A-game to the Showcase.

Addison Murdoch (M) 2024
Mt. Lebanon | Pittsburgh Premier 

Addison Murdoch is an absolute workhorse. She is able to make stand-out plays on either side of the field and in between the restraining lines. On offense, she’s able to read the opposing defense very well and find the gap to either get off a pass or to jump in and be open. She was recently named a USA Lacrosse All-American. On defense she plays strongly, not allowing her girl to even enter the eight. Looking forward to seeing Murdoch fill up the stat sheet this Thursday.

Warm-up playlist songs:

  • Runaway – Kanye West (feat. Pusha T)
  • IMY2 – Drake (feat. Kid Cudi)
  • Break Up in A Small Town – Sam Hunt
  • Headlines – Drake
  • Live Your Life – T.I. (feat. Rihanna)

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Ella Terelle (M) 2024
Mundelein | Lacrosse Monkey

Illinois native Ella Terelle has a large arsenal of shots she may pull out at the Showcase. She is a  sharpshooter with the ability to rip it from deep, drive it up to the crease, or even pull out a behind-the-back shot. Off the draw, she is fierce and does a great job of boxing out and running through ground balls. No doubt Terelle will be bringing that wide range of shots with her from the Midwest to the showcase on Thursday.

Warm-up playlist songs:

  • Bad Boy for Life – Diddy
  • Icon – Jaden
  • Stargazing – Travis Scott
  • Remember the Name – Fort Minor
  • All of the Lights – Kanye, Rihanna


Naomi Clatworthy (M) 2023
Charter School of Wilmington | Ultimate CC Blue

Naomi Clatworthy is the product of one of the top lacrosse clubs in the country, Ultimate. Clatworthy is a do it all type of midfielder. On the draw, she can self-draw or get the ball off to her teammates very well. She’s fast and athletic, finding the back of the cage is no issue for her. Clatworthy if spots an opportunity to get the ball from her opponent she goes for it and plays defense well in both the midfield and down by the eight. With Clatworthy’s elite style of play all over the field, she is sure to ball out at the Showcase.

Audrey Miller (A) 2024
Wilson – West Lawn | Xtreme 2024

Another product of one of the top lacrosse clubs in the country, Xtreme, is Audrey Miller. Miller is an attacker that is guaranteed to shake her attacker. Even when you think she is guarded, she’s not. Using her high lacrosse IQ to read defenses and find holes to cut into, she’s able to use her impressive stick skills to find the back of the net. On top of that, when the ball is in the other team’s possession she takes her ride very seriously and rides to the other restraining line, often causing turnovers that lead to goals. After a great spring season with her high school ranking top 15 in the state, Miller is more than prepared to show everyone what she’s made of on Thursday.

Grace Macnamara (D) 2023
North Penn | NXT 2023 Volt

Athleticism does even come close to describing rising senior Grace Macnamara. She is tough, and can even be found under those Friday night lights in the fall on her school’s football team. On the lacrosse team, she can carry the ball down the field using her speed and endurance and isn’t afraid to switch it into her left hand when needed. A defender, but has even proven herself to be an asset on the draw circle using her high and ground ball skills as an offensive advantage. She holds her ground well and keeps her mark out of the eight, her ability to crash and slide for help is great as well. Big defensive stops are nothing new to Macnamara and are exactly what we can anticipate on Thursday.