2022 Boys Atlantic Showcase Player Preview

Jack Hamilton (A) 2024
Perkiomen School | Big 4 HHH

Picture an attackman who possesses a great deal of strength and knows exactly how to use it against those defending him. Mix that with a killer crease roll and a knack for assists and there you have Jack Hamilton. The NXT Philly Showcase All-Star is back again for more. Defenders beware when matched up against number Hamilton. After a great performance at the last Showcase, it’ll be no surprise when he’s turning heads this Wednesday.

Jameson Meyer (A) 2025
Wesleyan School | 3d Georgia 

Finding the back of the net is no issue for rising sophomore attackman Jameson Meyer. A native of Georgia, Meyer is just the type of player everyone wants to have on their team. His ability to see his teammates in front of the cage to make assists and create goal opportunities is unmatched. On top of his offensive skills, Meyer is also able to create defensive plays with his speed and strong riding skills. After being named to the All-State team this spring, Jameson Meyer is sure to ball out this weekend.

Justin Wixted (A) 2023
Spring-Ford | Dukes Elite 

Justin Wixted has no sweet spot on the field. This is because he can and will shoot from anywhere. Anytime Wixted has the ball in his stick he is a threat. His ball-handling skills allow him to face defenders with full speed and his impeccable footwork allows him to shake his matchup off of him with ease. A two-time Philly Showcase All-Star, a Manney’s Men honorable mention selection, and the 2022 PAC offensive player of the year, Justin Wixted is sure to bring his A-game once again to the Atlantic Showcase.

Warm-Up Playlist songs:

  • All in the Lights – Kanye West
  • Invincible – Pop Smoke
  • Blue Notes 2 – Meek Mill
  • Knife Talk – Drake
  • Trophies – Drake

Liam Bradley (D) 2023
Canterbury School | Albany Stags

Coming off a successful spring season, Vermont native Liam Bradley is more than prepared for the upcoming NXT Showcase. Bradley is a ground ball machine tallying over 40 ground balls this season.  Attackmen better tuck their sticks when they see Bradley as he is a menace when it comes to causing turnovers. He has the confidence and IQ needed to make big plays when it matters most. That is exactly what we anticipate seeing from Liam Bradley on Wednesday.

Warm-up Playlist songs:

  • Living Legend – Club Danger
  • Too Close –  Prismo
  • The Drum – The Siege
  • Who I Am –  The Score
  • Unstoppable – The Score

Stephen Pitts (D) 2024
Hempfield | NXT LC  

Stephen Pitts is a defender who is not afraid to do it all. Ground balls, causing turnovers, and pushing transition. Pitts isn’t afraid to shoot or dish out an assist. He’s a big body that is strong and will send his opponents to the ground. He’s also an awesome box player which helps his hands and skill on the offensive side of the field. It’s no wonder he was previously selected as a Philly Showcase All-Star. More of this top-level play is expected from Pitts on Wednesday.

Warm-up Playlist Songs

  • m y . l i f e – J. Cole
  • Rock Box – Run – D.M.C
  • Escape Plan – Travis Scott
  • It’s Ok – Zoey Dollaz
  • Dreams And Nightmares – Meek Mill

Ryan Beller (G) 2023
Morris Knolls | Jersey Thunder 

Ryan Beller is an All-State selection with some real talent in goal. Where most goalies are weak, Beller is not. Instead, he is quick to drop low and make show-stopping saves. This season through 9 games, he was able to keep his save percentage at well over 70%. Outside of the cage, he’s a stud too. He’s fast and sees the field very well, he’s got great stick skills and has great command of the clear. After highlights showing behind-the-back passes, it’s safe to say Ryan Beller will be pulling some tricks out of his sleeve at the Atlantic Showcase.

Warm-up Playlist songs:

  • Wants and Needs – Drake, Feat. Lil Baby
  • Family Ties – Baby Keem with Kendrick Lamar
  • Broadway girls – Lil Durk, Feat. Morgan Wallen
  • Freestyle – Lil Baby
  • I Get the Bag – Gucci Mane, Feat. Migos

Mark Davison (D/LSM) 2023
Oakton | VLC

Mark Davison is the product of one of the top lacrosse clubs in the country, VLC. Davison is a constant threat on both ends of the field. As a defender, he has great stick control and is always challenging his opponents for ground balls. Using both his stick and his big body he keeps his opponent from driving and scoring. On the offensive side of the field, he has shown some serious shooting range. Davison will surely thrive in this Showcase format

Warm-Up Playlist songs:

  • Mannequin Challenge –Young Thug
  • GG – NBA Youngboy
  • Demeanor – Pop Smoke Feat. Dua Lipa
  • Russian Cream – Key Glock
  • Million Dollars Worth of Game –42 Dugg

Caleb Yeung (M) 2024
Bishop Guertin | NH Tomahawks 

Caleb Yeung is also a product of yet another top-ranked lacrosse club in the US, the New Hampshire Tomahawks. It is no surprise he has found himself on such a successful team. Yeung has an unmatched ability to weave through defenders with the means to find the back of the cage. The power behind his shots does not go unnoticed. He is well versed in our Showcases events having attended them in the past we are familiar with his game

Grayson Kuhl (LSM) 2024
Calvert Hall | Rock National 2023/Nationals 2024

Grayson Kuhl is just the type of hard worker you want on the field. Kuhl is fast, and it shows when he is pushing transition. His speed mixed with his endurance is key. Off the faceoff, he hustles to every ground ball that comes his way. On defense, he sticks to his man like glue and has a good eye for picking up the open man. He will definitely be stacking up ground ball stats on Wednesday.

Warm-up Playlist songs:

  • Guns and Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
  • Eminem – Lose Yourself
  • AC/DC – Thunderstruck
  • Van Halen – And The Cradle Will Rock
  • Green Day – Basket Case

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